Mobile Phone Heating Issue

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9 Tips to Overcome Mobile Phone Heating Issue

How to Overcome Mobile Phone Heating Issue


All machines experience heating issues. A computer running has a heat sink sitting on top of a CPU to reduce heat; while a car driven at a speed of 160 km/h has a radiator to help to cool it down. The same is experienced with mobile phones, but simple hacks help to overcome heating issues.

About a third of us constantly hold on to our phones even when we’re not using them. And oftentimes, they become too hot to even hold them in your hand. We usually assume the reason behind our devices heating, is our constant engagement of buzzing notifications and the nagging red bubbles on apps.

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But it’s natural and normal for your mobile phone to warm up, especially when they’re being used over long periods of time. However, when your phone overheats, it could lead to potential damage. And overheating can affect your phone’s performance.


How hot is too hot?

In an environment of 35 – 40 degrees, your phone generally won’t overheat. However, if your phone remains hot even at standby, that’s where the problem begins. Let’s find out how.


Here are 4 Chief Reasons why Your Smartphone is Heating Up Quickly : 

1. Processor

Your processor carries out each and every function of your phone. And with smartphones aimed at winning the title of the slimmest phones, the heat trapped in your phone doesn’t get to escape, since all the equipment of a phone is densely packed.

The phone processor sits right where your back cover is and when your phone starts heating, you are first to experience it.


2. Overload

Constantly gaming and downloading as well as recording on Full HD, Slow-Mo and time-lapse makes your processor work harder that leads to your phone heating up.


3. Ambient Temperature

This is an important factor for a country like India where temperatures range between 35 – 50 degrees. When you’re sitting at home, the temperature is at an average of 35 degrees and this is when your phone heats up faster.


4. Poor Signals

In areas of poor network and low WIFI range, your phone antenna makes use of more power to connect better in poor signal situations. This drains your battery and your phone starts heating. Prolonged exposure to heated phones is definitely going to be harmful to your device in the long run.


Here are 9 Tips to Overcome Mobile Phone Heating Issue :


1. Cooler Environment

Check if your phone is spending too much time in your pocket or if your work requires you to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you try not to expose it to too much sunlight. Trying to take those perfect selfies while soaking up the sun could also be exposing your phone to too much sunlight.

The best way to prevent this is to place your phone inside a beach cooler or to sit in a shady spot under a beach umbrella.


2. Keep Running Applications Off

Running unused applications in the background to run drains your battery and heats your phone. Simply swipe the apps away to save battery and decrease the heat generated on your phone.


3. Keep Wireless Connections Off

Keep your wireless connections switched off when you’re not using the internet. This saves its battery and keeps your phone’s temperature balanced.


4. Remove Back Cover and Battery Cover while Charging

It’s absolutely normal for your phone to heat up. However, while charging, make sure you remove the back cover and the battery cover to prevent your phone from heating up too much.


5. Manage Screen Brightness

Adjust the brightness of your phone and keep it low in the day to prevent your battery from working harder, while keeping your screen brightness high when using your phone at night.


6. Use a Manufacturer Approved Charger

Use a manufacturer-approved charger and avoid borrowing or buying chargers from unknown manufacturers since using the wrong charger can damage your phone or cause a fire. You’re also at risk when using a cheap charger that hasn’t passed relevant safety tests.


7. Limit Calls when Speaker Area Heats Up

There may be times when the speaker of your phone heats up as you put it up to your ear to answer a phone call. This indicates an issue with your phone itself. So make sure you limit your calls and get your phone repaired to put an end to this problem.


8. Ensure Phone has Latest Software Updates

Make sure you buy a phone that has the latest software update from the manufacturer of the operating system. The latest software update assures that your phone runs smoothly, along with bug fixes that prevent your phone from overheating. Also, make sure that all your apps are updated and while the updates are being done, avoid using your phone to prevent the processor from slowing down.


9. Fix Damaged Hardware

If your hardware has been damaged, it could be the actual chipsets within your phone that have resulted in overheating issues. Also, in situations where your device has been damaged by water, immediately get it repaired or replaced.


These are some important tips that can combat your Mobile Phone Heating Issue. However, if these tips haven’t helped to resolve issues of overheating, you should contact your mobile service provider to report the issue to them.


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